Deliveries to newspaper subscribers

in Berlin and Brandenburg

From the region for the region: We deliver newspapers to subscribers throughout the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

We provide big solutions for big jobs: Currently, we distribute around 300,000 newspapers each day.

Perfectly positioned: Every night, about 1,800 delivery agents in the road.

Letterbox filled: Newspapers are being delivered to the letterboxes until 6am. From Monday until Sunday.

We believe in accuracy and quality: Berlin Last Mile handles all jobs in a digital and automated workflow.


Deliveries of newspapers

as free samples

At your preferred area: It’s your decision, the distribution area for free newspaper samples can be limited to certain post code areas or spread across the entire Berlin city region.

Completely flexible: The number of free samples is defined by the client. Per year, we distribute approx. 10 million copies to households in Berlin.

Same day service: Free samples are being delivered between Monday and Friday until 6pm.

Easy to verify: Projects are being managed with a digital and automated workflow.


Distribution of advertising papers

in Berlin and Potsdam

2 cities, 1 solution: The Berlin Last Mile distribution and delivery agents for free advertising papers cover the Berlin and Potsdam city regions.

We are used to manage the challenge: Each week, we distribute around 3 million copies through our network.

Powerful team play: Berlin Last Mile employs approx. 3,200 delivery agents. All our staff members have a state insurance and work according to continuously updated and database managed tour schedules.

Precision is our passion: Advertising papers are being distributed on the same day until 6pm.

Leading with know-how: Our own analysis across all buildings in Berlin enables us to comprehensively assist you with precise information about each household in Berlin referring accessibility for newspaper distribution.


Distribution of leaflets and advertising brochures

We work on site: Reflecting the exact needs of our clients, leaflets and advertising brochures can be delivered to recipients in selected post code areas or in the complete Berlin city region.

Experience counts: At present, the Berlin Last Mile delivery teams distribute 1.5 million publications per week.

Clear commitment: Depending on the client’s requirements, distribution can be carried out as same day service until 6pm.

Quality through security: Berlin Last Mile is proud on their leaflet and advertising brochure distribution service verified and awarded for reliability and precision from the order picker through to the delivery agent.


Delivery of addressed

and partly-addressed info letters, catalogues and mailings

Directly to the consignee: Berlin Last Mile delivers your addressed or partly-addressed consignments to locations throughout the Berlin city region (to specific addresses or selected post code areas).

Smart solutions: The Berlin Last Mile distribution agents deliver catalogues up to 1000 g, mailings, info letters and more.

Sixfold service: We deliver your consignments from Monday until Saturday.