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Getting the latest insights from Berlin and the world. Quite simple, if the newspaper awaits you in the letterbox. We bring the news to the people in Berlin and Brandenburg. The professional Berlin Last Mile GmbH distribution network is the ideal channel to deliver newspapers across the entire Berlin metropolitan region.

Each day, we deliver around 300,000 newspapers to readers throughout Berlin and Brandenburg. In addition, we distribute approximately 3 million advertising papers. From the print house directly to the letterbox. Efficient, reliable and precise.

Since 1994, Berlin Last Mile GmbH has been responsible for the distribution of the 3 major regional newspapers: Berliner Morgenpost, Tagesspiegel and Berliner Zeitung. From the very beginning we have focused our work on highest quality standards. With the help of our own field teams and the phone check service we provide additional assurance to publishing companies that their product is delivered to the right recipient.

You are a publisher, and your publication has to be distributed to a carefully selected audience? Trust in our know-how and experience. Learn more about our services.